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Beginner’s Guide to Link Building Seo



Search Engine Optimization is one of the most discussed topics among people that do e-marketing. Ironically, it is still largely misunderstood by many. Well, if you have been trying one trick after another and you are yet to get the results that you are looking for, perhaps it is time to take a detailed refresher course. Similarly, if you are just starting out in the world of e-marketing, here is a beginner’s guide to link building seo.

What exactly is this process?

Think about when you visit a certain website, and after you have read the content, there is a connection that opens up to another page. What the owner of the new page has done is creating a way that the second person will use to navigate from the page they visited originally to the new page. There are many techniques that are used in the creation of these connectors and they vary in difficulty. For a beginner, you need to start with the simple techniques and then proceed to the heavier stuff.

The anatomy of a tag:

      In order to understand how link building seo works, you need to know about the composition or outlook of the connector tag.

      The start of the tag

      This marks the beginning of the tag. When search engines see this, they immediately realize that a connection to something else is about to follow. It is usually represented by ‘a’.

      Referral Location

         This is the part of the tag that indicates the URL that the tag will be pointing to. The URL can lead to an image, a file or other things that aren't web pages. It is usually represented by the initials ‘href’.

     Visible anchor text

         A little bit of text will be seen on the tag. When the person using the web sees this, they click and a new page opens. The text is formatted in a way that makes it stand out from everything else.

      Closure of tag

       After the anchor text, the builder of the tag will want to indicate to the search engines that the tag is coming to a close. The end of the tag is normally represented as follows: 


  Those are the main components of a tag in link building seo. When you understand these aspects, you will have a simpler time making a complete tag and attaching it to other websites. When the tag is incomplete, the search engines will not recognize it as an attempt to open another page. Note that the engines will also use these tags to determine how well your website should rank when compared to the others. If you do not understand the process of making these connectors, take a tutorial on how to make a working connection between your webpage and that of another person.

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